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Gold Retirement: Things You Must Know Before You Buy Gold

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The gold market, and other precious metals markets, will never completely collapse like financial markets. Gold is not just a tangible asset used as a unit of currency, it has value in many different respects. Gold is increasingly used in technology because of it’s desirable properties.

The US government moved away from the gold standard in 1971 for their own personal reasons. This now leaves them with the chance to cache their gold bullion stock and only continue to add to it. When they now need to pay their debts, they print paper currency. When the consumer has to pay their debts, they now have to work harder and harder with each dollar that is printed by the US government.

Because of the dwindling economy, banks pay almost no interest for paper currency, and this tips the scale in the favor of gold. As our economy is in decline with no repair in sight, the price of gold continues to rise. However, if the global economy were to stabilize and regain an upward trend, precious metals markets will never collapse. Their short term prices may dip. When the gold price dips, many more people will invest in gold. When everyone else buys up gold, the price will only go back up.

Paper currency is useless except for what it represents – money. Gold, silver, and other precious metals have an actual value other than for monetary purposes.

Billionaires, such as Carlos Slim, Thomas Kaplan, John Paulson, and many more are aware of all the reasons to invest in gold. The question isn’t whether to invest in it or not, but it is simply how and where. Is VGPMX truly the best option, or are there better gold retirement alternatives?

Before you make a heavy executive decision on your families financial future…